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BVV Best Value Vacs Closed Loop Extractor Bi-Flow Orthrus MK-V Bi-Directional 1 pound

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Brand: BVV
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1 lb orthrus mk-v bi-directional closed loop extractor

the 1 lb mk-v bi-directional closed loop increases efficiency by utilizing both a bottom and top solvent input. by using a bottom flood on the first wash, you ensure all material has seen solvent. this method prevents channeling through the material. finish the run with a top flood input to ensure all residuals have been washed from the material. oil bearing solvent is collected in the collection base under the material column. once collected, solvent is distilled and recovered, leaving the oils in the collection base. this is a passive unit that utilizes pressure differences created by manipulating temperature to move solvent.unit comes with a sleeved column for dewaxing.

•up to 1lb material capacity
•bi-directional solvent input
•solvent reclamation
•sleeved column for removal of plant waxes
•splatter platter collection case for easy extract removal
•sight glasses on collection base
•100 micron filtration built into gasket

•maximum oil yield
•save money with solvent reclamation
•fast extraction and recovery speed
•dewaxing column yields higher quality extract

•6” x 12” collection base
•#30 lp tank
•solvent input manifold
•3” x 24” sleeved material column
•stainless steel braided ptfe hoses
•buna-n tri-clamp gaskets
•single pin clamps

additional equipment required for operation of unit.this unit requires a vacuum pump and dry ice to function.

it is also recommended to have a refrigerant scale and nitrogen tank with regulator to operate this unit.

a ve115 3cfm (bvvve280) vacuum pump is recommended for this system.

technical specs:
dimensions: 13 ¼” diameter x 64” height
weight: 53lbs
max allowable working pressure: 150 psi
operating temperature range: -40f – 200f
304 stainless steel construction
high polish interior
solvent capacity: 6lbs
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