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BVV Best Value Vacs Closed Loop Extractor Icarus Dewax 8.5 pound

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UPC: 812584031185
Brand: BVV
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8.5 lb icarus true dewax closed loop extractor

the icarus unit shares the same function of the standard bi-directional extractors, but features rack mounting for ease of use. it is also the 8.5lb true dewax unit. by utilizing an input manifold for the solvent, the user can switch from bottom flood to a top input on the material column. this method ensures that all material has been saturated and rinsed of oils on the first run. the oil-bearing solvent then dumps into a sleeved spool, where it is chilled with dry ice. once the solvent has chilled, waxes and lipids will coagulate and fall out of the solution. the solution is then filtered and dumped into a collection base. the rack unit comes standard with a port for nitrogen assistance.

•up to 8.5lb material capacity
•bi-directional solvent input
•secondary dewaxing
•solvent reclamation
•jacketed base for temperature control circulation
•drain valve for easy removal of extract
•sight glasses on collection base
•100 micron filtration built into gasket
•rack mounting
•jacketed lp with internal condensing coil

•rack mounting to prevent heavy lifting
•maximum oil yield
•full dewaxing without second solvent
•save money with solvent reclamation
•nitrogen assist to prevent vapor lock

•extruded aluminum rack with pipe hangers
•50l jacketed collection base
•#100 lp tank
•solvent input manifold
•6” x 36” material column
•8” x 36” dewaxer with filter assembly
•stainless steel braided ptfe hoses
•buna-n tri-clamp gaskets
•high pressure clamps

additional equipment required for operation of unit. this unit requires a vacuum pump, dry ice, nitrogen tank with regulator, and heater circulator to function.

it is also recommended to have a refrigerant scale to operate this unit. chiller can be used with the jacketed lp tank for dual recovery condensing.

a pro series 21 cfm (bvvps212b) vacuum pump is recommended for this system.

technical specs:
dimensions: 68” width x 78” height, 30” depth
weight: 500 lbs
max allowable working pressure: 150 psi
operating temperature range: -40f – 200f
304 stainless steel construction
high polish interior
solvent capacity: 50 lbs

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