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Vostermans Ventilation Horizontal Circulation Fan

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Brand: Vostermans Ventilation
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Circulation fans Our range of circulation fans offers a solution for every indoor climate challenge. We offer fans that are specifically designed to evenly distribute air in an energy-efficient way. Vertical or horizontal airflows improve temperature and humidity differences, creating a uniform climate. In addition, we offer circulation fans that ensure that animals or people are kept cool. A solution that can help prevent heat stress and keep animals healthy.

The next generation of circulation fans With the new Multifan Horizontal Circulation Fan, you can create a uniform indoor climate while minimizing energy consumption. The improved fan design offers a number of important advantages. For example, the energy efficiency of the fan has been greatly improved, and it is much quieter. It is also easier to attach poly air tubes to the fan, saving you installation costs and making the fan less expensive to use. Create the ideal growing climate for your livestock or crop, or create a fresh breeze with this compact, powerful fan.

Why choose this fan
• Powerful, quiet fan
• Among the most energy efficient in its class
• Low investment costs
• Easy to install
• Easy to maintain
• Materials resistant to extreme conditions
• Motor has a 3-year guarantee
• Greenhouse horticulture
• Agricultural: pigs, poultry, dairy, cattle
• Industrial (indoor and outdoor)
• Available in 3 versions: +/- 3,000, 4,000 and 4,750 CFM
• Motor insulation class F.
• IP55 motor (water-resistant and dust-resistant)
• Energy efficient, up to 23.1 CFM/W
• Low noise models as low as 48 dB(A)
• Compatible with most 20.5” diameter poly air tubes
• Built-in thermal protection for single-phase motors
• Power cord for 1~ 115V models
• UL Listed
Options available
• Power cord available for 1~ 230V models

• Built-in thermal detectors for 3-phase motors

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