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Growers Trust Spider Mite Killer

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Brand: Growers Trust
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JUST ADD WATER-Scientifically engineered, Spider Mite Killer is truly the ultimate, natural solution to safely eliminating spider mite infestations. Made from a combination of natural plant extracts, Spider Mite Killer can be used at any time from germination through harvest. Using absolutely no dangerous chemicals. It is safer for the garden than Pyrethrum and Neem oil, which is toxic to fish, reptiles, cats and dogs. How Does It Work? Spider Mite Killer successfully kills spider mites on contact. Growers Trust utilizes its exclusive formula to offer an immediate solution to spider mite infiltration of plants and other valuable crops. Harmful chemicals have the potential to damage your crops; Spider Mite Killer goes through a patented process of micronization, giving it the ability to cover a larger surface area and enabling deeper penetration into the crevices of plants, insects, and pathogens. Spider Mite Killer is derived from natural plant-based oils. It acts quickly to cover and block the breathing holes of mites causing them to suffocate and die in a matter of minutes. Spider Mite Killer also causes reproductive disruption among female spider mites, leading to infertility or mites that don't develop to an adult stage. It also deactivates any eggs and prevents them from hatching. Spider Mite Killer is the most effective and safest spider mite treatment on the market! When & How Do I Apply It? Spider Mite Killer can be used at any time from germination through harvest. It is safe to use when plants are flowering or on buds and it won't affect the taste of your harvest. Apply before or during a spider mite outbreak. Spray a light mist to thoroughly wet upper and lower leaf surfaces, stems and branches where pests are found. Spider Mite Killer won't burn your plants, however, it is most effective when used during low light hours or with grow lamps turned off. Avoid applying product during peak sunlight.

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