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Sun System HID Light System Flower Power Complete Fixture Single Ended SE Ceramic Metal Halide CMH, High Pressure Sodium HPS, Metal Halide MH with Lamp 4200 kelvin 315 watt 120, 240 volt

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UPC: 849969030150
Brand: Sun System
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Sun System Flower Power' 315 Watt Light Fixtures utilize cutting-edge Light Emitting Ceramic brand technology. Fixture has a 95% reflective textured aluminum insert for excellent output, uniformity and diffusion. This compact unit has a low profile, making it great for small spaces such as tents as well as larger growing areas. Dual power inputs easily switch voltage from 120 to 240 volt power. Simply unplug the detachable 8 ft 120 volt power cord (included), turn power plate around for 240 volt power and plug in a 240 volt power cord (240 volt power cord sold separately). Use with Par Pro 315 watt lamps (included). 4,200degrees Fahrenheit K color temperature, excellent 97.5 CRI, 31,127 initial lumens. The 4,200degrees Fahrenheit K has very high 1.70 PPFD per second light source. Good lumen maintenance and excellent PPF performance throughout lamp life. Unique open-rated lamp construction, including a ceramic arc tube contained in a protective quartz glass shroud with PGZX18 base, reduces radiant heat from the arc tube and makes this suitable for open-rated fixture use. Includes V-hangers for hanging the fixture securely.

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