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Phantom PHENO 440 LED 100-277 volt watt MP Spectrum 4200

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UPC: 638104027502
Brand: Phantom
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the phantom pheno 440 horticultural lighting system combines high photon flux with superior efficiency. the low-profile design and wide voltage range is ideal for a wide range of applications. two adjustable light bars allow user to adjust light spread. integrated output knob provides control over the amount of photons to the plant canopy.

suitable for both flowering and vegetative stages, the multi phase (mp) spectrum provides ideal red to blue ratio for vigorous growth and to maximize flower development.


  • 1100 μmol/s ppf @277v
  • 2.5 μmol/joule ppe @277v
  • 440w, 100-277v driver
  • high-efficiency multi phase spectrum
  • integrated flux control knob
  • compact sized: 31.49"x 16.8" x 4.1"
  • net weight: 19.4lbs/ 8.8kg
  • includes 10` 120v power cord
  • dlc listed (h-loriqo2) and qualifies for utility rebates, which play a significant role in optimizing the cost effectiveness of a lighting project

the phantom pheno offers the functionality of an on board dimming knob, allowing the grower to adjust the photon output intensity to accommodate the various stages of plant growth for optimal photosynthesis activation. with the knob adjusted to 100%, the pheno uses 440w and puts out 1100 μmol/s photon flux (ppf). with the knob adjusted to 40%, the pheno uses 176w and puts out 40% of the photon flux. the multi-phase spectrum does not change when using the dimmer knob and still provides ideal red to blue ratio for vigorous growth and to maximize flower development.

knob position condition/notes photon flux (µmol/s) average power (watts)
ext switch the knob to this for use with 0-10v controller variable variable
off no light emmitted 0 µmol/s 0w
100% 100% of total light emmitted 1100µmol/s 440w
80% 80% of total light emmitted 880 µmol/s 352w
60% 60% of total light emmitted 660 µmol/s 264w
40% 40% of total light emmitted 440 µmol/s 176w

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