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MGK Organic Debug Optimo Full Spectrum Cold Pressed 0.7% Azadirachtin and 15% Full Spectrum Oil 1 gallon 4 liter

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Brand: MGK
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Protect your plants against a wide variety of pests with DeBug Optimo concentrate. A reduced amount of Neem Oil means a lower freezing point, making the product a great solution for cold temperatures. This broad-spectrum insecticide is effective against many insects, nematodes, mites and fungi and is labeled for use on a wide range of vegetable crops. DeBug Optimo is OMRI listed and contains up of 15% Neem Oil and 0.7% Azadirachtin.

Features & Benefits

Short re-entry intervals (REI) and pre-harvest intervals (PHI)

4-in-1 Formula: insecticide, fungicide, miticide and nemacide

Broad spectrum control on a wide variety of crops and pests

Affects pests at all life stages

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