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Lighthouse 2.0 Grow Tent

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Brand: Lighthouse 2.0
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Growers trust BOLD to blackout their greenhouses because its durability lasts more than a single season, maximizing your yield and dollars spent. Americover collaborated with growers like Ed Rosenthal and top light deprivation greenhouse manufacturers to create the ideal blackout light deprivation tarp. Unlike non-reinforced light deprivation films like Panda, BOLD is thicker, lasts longer, and provides better protection throughout the growing season.

BOLD Black Out Light Deprivation Tarp is an 8 mil duel-sided Black/White reinforced polyethylene film designed for light deprivation greenhouse applications. We added more carbon black to enhance the outdoor life expectancy and increase the light-blocking capability.

Additional UV inhibitors and thermal stabilizers added to the outer white layer reduce heat and condensation build-up. There are no micro-perforations that could leak light.

The diamond reinforcement instantly stops punctures from becoming tears or rips to protect your sensitive plant species, including but not limited to chrysanthemums, mushrooms,, and microgreens.

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