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Jacto Battery Powered Lithium Ion Sprayer Backpack

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UPC: 7896660811932
Brand: Jacto
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The new panel improved the usability of the sprayer. By having the potentiometer, it is easier to turn it on and allows fine pressure adjustments according to the application's needs.

The pressure remains constant during application, independent of the battery charge level, and can be adjusted from 15 to 70 psi using the standard blue adjustable spray nozzle.

Resistance and durability are the main features of the new JEP-80 Pump.

With greater capacity, the new Battery JB-1680 increased the autonomy of the sprayer by 25%.

The padded strap brings more comfort for long hours of work. In addition, the carrying handle facilitates the transport of the equipment.

The trigger valve LP-3 has a different design for comfort in its grip. The internal filter prevents possible clogging. The trigger lock keeps the flow open, avoiding excessive efforts on the operator's hand.

With the Quick Hose Coupler, it is easier to connect and move the hose during spraying.

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