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InterLux HID Lamp Light Bulb Standard Double Ended DE Metal Halide MH 1000 watt

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UPC: 816731019347
Brand: InterLux
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The only thing better than a double ended an InterLux'double ended bulb. Beats the competition in every way, InterLux'double ended bulbs are true champions. These bulbs perform at the highest possible level and save you money! Compared to single ended lamps, InterLux'double ended bulbs are more effeciant by using the same wattage to produce higher par and lumen ratings.They have a higher blue spectral ratio enhancing Veg and growth. InterLux'double ended bulbs also provide minimal light deterioration for maximum intensity and lifespan.

5 reasons why InterLux'double ended lamps are superior to traditional HPS bulbs:

1. They are more efficient, using the same 1000 watts to produce higher par and lumen ratings
2. Longer life-spans,
3. Less light deterioration
4. Higher blue spectral ratio enhancing veg & growth
5. Minimal light deterioration for maximum lifespan & intensity
Compatible with high frequency electronic ballasts.

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