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Fristaden Labs USA-Made Precision Digital Analytic Scale with Calibration Weight and Weigh Pan

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Brand: Fristaden Labs
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HIGH PRECISION: The American Fristaden Lab Analytical High Precision Balance will measure with 0.01g accuracy. Built with a sensitive load-cell, the electronic scale provides accurate readings and is perfect for environments where measurements must be exact.

MEASURES GRAMS AND MORE: The lab scale measures units in grams, ounces, carats and pounds for quick and easy conversions. The US balance digital scale has a fast, 3-second setting time making it ideal for laboratory, educational, jewelry, industrial, pharmacy, agricultural and businesses. Our small scale can also be used at home for projects or as a digital food scale or kitchen scale.

MULTIPLE FEATURES: The digital gram scale features an intuitive, easy-to-read LCD digital display; weighing and tare and pieces functions; built-in level; an overload indicator; battery and power operation; and, most importantly, fast and accurate readings.

LAB QUALITY: The measuring scale is made from high-quality materials and is built to last year after year. The balance has a strong and sturdy design that includes a round metal weighing pan, a removable wind shield; and built-in level and adjustable feet to ensure accuracy. The precision scale can be set up in under 5 minutes and comes with a detailed, easy-to-understand instruction manual.

AMERICAN COMPANY: Fristaden Lab is an American lab equipment company. We back the precision analytical balance with a 1 Year Warranty. If you have any problems with or questions about the lab scale, our customer service knows this product well and is ready to help you.

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