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Ardent Nova Concentrate and Infusion Sleeve

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Brand: Ardent
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Specially designed for the Ardent Nova Designed to fit exact specifications of inner canister FDA approved, food-grade and BPA-free silicone makes decarbing concentrates and infusing oils even easier Infuse more oils simultaneously or use sleeve during decarb.

[ CONCENTRATE AND INFUSION SLEEVE ] - Do you want to put your mind at ease while describing your flower or herbs and infusing process? You want, right? With our infusion sleeve, you can have a smooth decarbing and infusion experience guaranteed

[ HIGH-QUALITY DESIGN ] - Superior to other concentrate and infusion sleeves, its well-designed silicone body fits perfectly into your unit's inner canister and is food safe. With the nifty handles, you can make pulling it in and out as easy as abc

[ SIMPLE TO USE ] - First, decarb your concentrate using the Nova sleeve. Once the process is over, simply combine the butter or oil with the decarbed product and then run the infusion cycle by placing the sleeve back inside the Nova unit

[ NO MESS, NO STRESS ] - Minimize the mess and have your kitchen looking clean! Our flexible concentrate and infusion sleeve allows getting rid of those undesired messy or sticky residues while leaving you with a mess-free, neat work area

[ EASY TO CLEAN ] - A must-have kitchen accessory that fulfills your needs amazingly and is user-friendly! Either clean it with your hands or throw it in the dishwasher. Cleaning is a breeze each and every time you use it

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